Dear Participants,

You are invited to share your questions, comments, ideas, contributions, actions, best practices, books, articles, links, in English or French, within this kind of ThinkTank,

whatever you are an Employee, a Manager, a Leader, an Expert, a Professor, a Researcher, a Founder, an active member of an Association / Foundation, public / private company, social and solidarity economy,

because we would like to listen and understand what you are looking for at work / in an association, what do you like, what are your expectations, your hope, your dreams to build an healthier and happier.

Tell us your stories about happiness at work;

what makes you happy at work?

What does mean happiness for you?

What is happiness at work from your point of view?

Share your best experience and explain why

What kind of link could exist between happiness and engagement?

How happiness could increase engagement?

Thanks for participating,



One thought on “Welcome”

  1. Le bonheur c’est quand on arrive à faire sourire des personnes stressées, pressées, en colère ou de nature grincheuse au moment où elles s’y attendent le moîns ou au moment où elles en ont vraiment besoin.
    Le bonheur est de constater les effets positifs d’un moment d’attention et d’écoute, d’un sourire, d’un remerciement auprès des personnes qui ont contribuées aussi bien de façon mineure que majeur à l’atteinte d’un résultat.

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