Happiness and Wellbeing at work


Happiness doesn’t seem easy to define as it’s so subjective and depending of so many things :

political, geographical, economical environment ; health ; family and life events ; friends ; job – career ; money ; feelings and emotions ; psychology ; men / women ; where you are in your life (step / age)… and maybe, most of all, culturally, we could see some differences between countries, people, men / women, roles in society and family, education, ways of life, social environment and advertisement influence, as just talking about happiness at work can be so far for some unemployed people etc, and impossible for the others just to say / recognize”I’m happy in my job” or “I’m not” and so hard to explain why or to ask myself what I can do to live it differently. That’s why Psychologists most of the time consider happiness and wellbeing as so closed and they used them as similars.

The difference is important as wellbeing is larger and is about psychological and physical health. In the same time, happiness plays an important role on both sides.

Could you notice differences for you at work to be able to say :

my wellbeing at work is fine ;

or my happiness at work is fine ?

this is one of the difference for example….


Enjoy your week,



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