Happiness : purpose, consequences

Happiness has an existential meaning, and is – should be – the purpose of our life, as it’s relevant from our intelligence and reason (Aristote). So it means that we are accountable for making it happen :

We can enhance our own happiness ratio by 40% (Lyubomirsky) ;

And probably help others to become happier, as emotions are highly contagious.


Happiness is more than just smileys, positive moods and good feelings : when we are happy, we live healthier, longer and globally meet success in personal and professional areas of our lifes.

‘Be Happy First’, and then you will be successfull (Pasricha).


So what do you think ? Interesting challenges to face and contribute ?

Most fascinating, by doing what ? It’s not about to be or to have, it’s about taking actions : please be creative and innovative…

What role could you play to influence happiness at work ? Get inspired…

Enjoy your week,